At Park Village Waterpoint: Overflowing with inspiration to cultivate positive living habits


“Sometimes, the smallest things occupy the largest space in our hearts. This is also the definition of a happy life that Europeans pursue – enjoying and appreciating the little things every day to awaken joy and excitement.

Amidst the city by the Waterpoint River, there is also a charming and sophisticated Park Village, where happiness begins with everyday habits, in every small moment.

🚶‍♂️CARE FOR HEALTH: A quality life starts with a foundation of health. Park Village guides the daily wellness journey with a range of ‘for health’ amenities around the house. From the gym, exclusive sauna at the Clubhouse, the 3ha sports complex in the Central Park area to jogging and biking paths… all encourage a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

🎨 NURTURE HOBBIES: At Park Village, life is always full of interest as residents easily find inspiration to enjoy life in their own way. It could be a European-style garden corner to read books or a spacious garden right at home to cultivate the family’s small garden…. Waterpoint

🍃 RECONNECT WITH NATURE: No more high-rise buildings or urban smog, around Park Village is fresh air and lush greenery. On slow days, residents can stroll along the canal, inhaling the fresh air, or watch kites gracefully sway in the sky with their children.

Returning to Park Village, it seems that the hustle and bustle will give way to peace and tranquility, allowing the melodies of complete happiness to resonate.”


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